Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things went good today!

After a day of much sitting and waiting, all pre op tests are complete and GOOD results.  TEE this am showed that the mitral valve was not leaking so no repair/replacement needs to be done.  Cardiac cath done (many hours later) and no blockages or other abnormalities.  So no other heart issues to be concerned about.  Surgeon likely to be back by tonight but should be pleased with all of this. It’s nice to have some good news before going into the surgery tomorrow. 

He's back in the same semi private room tonight and I am actually going to stay at the Parkview Hotel at Barnes so that I can be there at 5:30 am for pre op, just in case of snow.  Also I want to interrogate the surgical team in the morning to make sure that they are feeling good and got a good night’s sleep. 

I did not get internet/cell phone connection in the waiting room so I couldn't update earlier. Every time I had a chance I would go to the bridge where I could get reception—once I would get into range, my phone would be beeping like crazy from all of the text messages/voicemails--- IT was great!!  WE feel very loved and supported!!! 

SO I think that we are as ready as we can be for tomorrow—I have my prayer shawl ready (thanks Angie R).  I know the Wetzel’s will be lifted up in many prayers tomorrow and it means so much to us.  Will update as I can tomorrow!!!

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  1. Carrie,

    You guys are getting so many prayers because you are good people. 'Nuff said!

    Many prayers from the Kuhn family!