Friday, September 30, 2011

Are you still with me??

I have been neglecting my blogging duties and have not written on here in a really, really long time. Summer flew by, mostly because we could do SO much this summer together.  Rob and K had an extended time at home together before kindergarten started and they had a blast.  I would get calls like this, “we are at the top of the Arch” or “we went out in a canoe on Creve Coeur Lake today.” “Rob, have you ever been in a canoe before and why did you decide to do that?”  “No and because I  can!”  Not sure when/if the thrill of Robs health will ever just become normal.  I had another “I can’t believe that all of that happened” moment just today.  I hugged him and told him how once again, I was so glad that in this one instance, he didn’t listen to me in my “lets get a 2nd opinion” mind and went with his gut!

We are full swing into kindergarten now.  After the initial nervousness and upset stomach, I think that we have conquered most aspects of the school day.  Just working through the last one…..getting out of the car in the morning, which is essential to the school day.  At least, we are no longer vomiting in the morning, just gagging now!

Funny K story of the month----  One morning I go into her playroom.
K, why does it smell in here?
I don’t know (with a guilty look on her face)
You have to tell me, b/c if its bad food, there will be bugs.
(Reluctantly, She points to her play kitchen, and I notice a white substance in the play sink.)
What is this?
(after much hesitation) Well, you told me I couldn’t use water in my play kitchen, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………. It’s milk.

Well, you told me not to use water.
(As I try to compose myself,  she realizes that she may be in a wee bit of trouble.)
Well, Mom, I guess since you are mad, you should go ahead and look in the oven part. 

(open oven door and find several dishes with curdled milk in them.)

Kaitlyn,  I am going to take away your kitchen for awhile until you can prove to me that you know how to play with it…(anticipating screams, protests, etc)

Yeah, you probably should because if not, I will do it again!

Ah the joys of raising Robs child! 

Promise to try to blog more if you are still with me!