Thursday, January 20, 2011

They've started!!

Well, they took him and so they begin.  They should be calling me in 30 min or so to let me know that they have made the incision and started.  Will try to keep updated on here-- again no cell phone reception but if you have to get a hold of me I think that you can call the 56 ICU waiting room and get me! 

I am doing okay!!  Main problem at the moment is that the coffee shop is not open due to weather and those of you who know me know what a crisis that is!!!!!

Keep up the prayers!!!!


  1. We are with you in spirit. I know rob will come out of this better
    than before! [ could he improve upon perfectioon!!]
    Paula kleypas

  2. we are not worried about YOU!! WE KNOW YOU ARE STRONG!! It will all be over soon!

  3. We are keeping Rob in our prayers today