Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a THANKFUL girl!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!!  I love that we have a whole day to reflect on what we are thankful for and tell people thank you!  More and more Thanksgiving lost in the pre-Christmas rush and I hope that I can instill the "attitude of gratitude" (stole that from a church sign) in Kaitlyn.   In that spirit I wanted to take a moment and tell all of the reasons I have to be thankful this year...... not just the obvious ones (rob, kaitlyn, family, friends) but all the reasons that I have THIS year.
  • Dr Ralph Damanio.  Thanks for your" surgeons are God like" attitude and convincing Rob to proceed.  You saved his life and I will forever be endebted.  As a special thank you to him, I have stopped going to every appt with Rob with  my notebook!
  • The Green team (and many of my other coworkers).  Overall, you are all saints for having to put up with me and a special shout out to Julie, Kim and Rhonda for having to deal with my ever changing needs.
  • Robs amazing coworkers who have had to change their schedules for us!!!
  •  The makers of the Keurig....thanks for making my caffeine habit so much easier!!!
  • To the phamaceutical geniuses at Bayer and Pfizer.  Bayer, Rob thanks you too!
  • My mom.  My matter how old I am, she still takes care of me....example today, dropped Kaitlyn off there today and she had a plate of mini muffins for me that served as my breakfast and lunch. 
  • my CONcordia peeps.  Could not have survived the last year without you and because of all of you, my faith has been strengthened!!
  • All of the other moms with kiddos K's age who have helped either K or I!
  • Susan who I have discovered is my SISTA from anotha MOTHA!!!!
  • watching my daughter play with Mary's daughter, PRICELESS!
  • U2, Def Leppard and Foo Fighters for coming to thema Lou. 
  • David Freese.
  • Jeggings
  • Pandora and Tom Bickel for introducing me. 
  • The creators of The Borgia's and the Tudors, or as Rob calls it, historical porn.  Thanks Danielle C and Nna P for talking about it so much that I HAD to watch for myself!
  • my new sister in law Lauren and realizing how her LOVE for animals can benefit me at the Zoo. 
  • Mary Ann Saitta, the greatest hair/skin/makeup/LISTENER and fellow police wife, a girl could ask for!
  • For my dad being able to retire (not just so he can watch Kaitlyn when I need) and not have to work at a job that he did not love.  Thanks for all of the years that you worked for us!
  • Area agency on aging for sponsoring a conference I attended.  If I hadn't had those two days away from work to renewing myself as I social worker, I may have quit that week!
  • To all the crazy, mean, dysfunctional families I dealt with this year, (2 in particular).  Thanks for making my family look  normal and for helping me realize that I REALLY do have an issue with SOME men telling me what to do
  • Thanks to three wonderful pts/families that I dealt with who restored my belief in the ability to help!
  • To one special patient I met this year, UNFORGETABLE!.
  • Dr ELan Simkus who kept me laughing through the tears....AGAIN!!!!
  • Amy Z for getting my struggles and for capturing my girl with beautiful pics
  •  Missy S, Mandy R, Tracy H, Jenny P, Lisa M, Shari M, Carrie R, Maria C, Lisa B, Kenda M and Alison D. for all that you did for Kaitlyn and Rob and I.  When I die instead of my money going to Wash U or another school I attended, I want it to go to KECC. (unfortunately, I will likely only leave debt so it probably won't help much!)
  • K C-P, you have no idea how your patience and understanding  has helped all of us.  Sometimes at work (see above) I have felt that I was the swer for a reason.  You were MEANT to be K's teacher. 
  • Derek Jetter for his 3000
  • The current crop of Republican presidential nominees, I have to be thankful for you or else I would cry!
  • My sister, for getting me!!  And for naming her baby to be Caroline! 
  • for all of my nieces, there has never been a prouder aunt!  You are all beautiful and so special to me!
  • Rob, for not listening to my medical advice, for working so hard, and for sticking with me NO.MATTER.WHAT and being an amazing father.
  • and to my Kaitlyn....for conquering your fears, scoring two goals, being an AMAZING individual that keeps me guessing, not being afraid to show your quirky sense of style and always being excited to be with me..........YOU make my life!!!!
Now that I have started this, I know that I am going to think of many more and add on.  Hopefully I didn't forget any major thank you's, if I did, Thanks anyway!  Yep, I'm one thankful girl!