Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sorry about the delay......

Sorry about not updating yesterday, the Wi-Fi in the hospital took a day off!!  He is doing great!  Likely moving out of ICU today.  Central line, chest tubes, arterial line and foley are out!!!  I am absolutely amazed by Rob-- he is asking to walk further in PT than they are wanting to go, doing better than anyone expected at this point.  His spirits are up, making the medical staff laugh!!  Continues to be amazed by all that are praying for his recovery.   I am sure that we are here til next weekend, but will have a better idea tomorrow!   

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  1. Brian was doing the same...wanted to walk longer, make everyone laugh, etc. Sounds really good, Carrie! So glad! He was well known on the floor, esp b/c of young age! Hope the transition to the cardiac/telemtry floor is good. The nurses are never as good as the ICU, as you might guess.

    Love to all,