Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Week Post Op. Update

Hey everyone, Rob here.

I came home six days after surgery and just took my first real shower since the operation.  It felt good.  Percocet makes me high but is necessary as I have some pain when I cough or sneeze un-expectantly.  It was also nice to sleep in my own bed with the whole family home.

It is clear that I have had an awesome support system available, and apparently didn't recognize this until it was greatly needed. Family, church, friends, police, hockey community and so on.  Very much appreciated.  Tom Bickel for President! A special thank you to those who have supported us with food as well, I don't feel we are worthy, but it has been so helpful to be able to heat and eat.

Exercise has started and the treadmill arrives today. I really don't feel all that bad.  I'm just lucky I guess.  I have been warned several times over not to push things and to take my time during recovery.  I feel a difference in breathing and have noticed a distinct change as I am no longer light headed.  Everything makes sense now, as far as past symptoms and stamina, that a complete diagnosis was made.  Maybe everyone should have a Myectomy, a Cox-Maze IV procedure, a Pericardiectomy and a Patent Foramen Ovale Repair.  Just a walk in the park.

Thanks for everything,



  1. Is this the treadmill you're talking about

  2. Hey welcome home Rob. Glad to see that you are doing well. Maybe talk to you soon.

    Scott Thomas

  3. I think I will pass on the surgeries....remember us women go thru something similiar each is call the GYN!!! Good to see they did not fix your sense of humor!! Looking forward to the party...let me know so I can book my ticket!! We are continuing to pray for all of you. Love you guys!!

  4. Robert - We are all so thankful things have gone so well. Your attitude through this has been an inspiration.

  5. Keep up the great progress Rob!!! If you do get the hockey treadmill...I got first dibs!!

  6. GIMME SOME FAVS... what do you guys like to eat>.... wanna bring a mess of italian food)