Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still looking good for tomorrow!

Plan is still for home tomorrow!!  Everything still looks great and I know Rob will heal better at home with his girls.  So excited to think that this time tomorrow we will all be home!!! 

The meals started-- I feel so spoiled!!!

My brother in law, Lee fixed some things in the kitchen for me and my dad and sister, Missy, painted it for me!!  Thanks to their help and my moms babysitting, Rob is coming home to a clean house with a lot of ongoing projects already finished for him.  We are so blessed with an amazing family that will do anything for us---including paint my kitchen because as a coping mechanism, I remodel!!!

Uncle Robbie got to talk to our nieces on the phone the other night so hopefully they are not as worried about him and can see him soon!!  I can not tell you how excited Kaitlyn is to see her Daddy!  She has been a trooper through all of this but misses Rob so much.  We have tried to gently explain that Daddy's heart had to be fixed (and that she needs to take it easy on him for awhile).  She has talked to him every day but has not seen him yet!!!  Again thanks to my family for assisting in keeping her occupied and entertained.  Also thanks to the Zlatics, especially Mike who gave up part of his birthday so Kaitlyn could have a play date with her BFF.  And thanks to my cousin Val who took her to the Magic House today, when she REALLY needed the break and distraction.  Those of you who know my mom and dad know how lucky I am!!!!  I could never thank them enough for all they have done.  One night Kaitlyn announced out of nowhere " I really love my Nana."  I couldn't agree more!!  I don't think that I totally grasped all that she has done/still does for me until I became a mom and I could not do my life without her.   

Once again, we can never thank everyone enough for all of your ongoing support of the Wetzel's-- we have decided that in the spring we are going to have a party to celebrate Robs health and try to thank everyone!!   A lot of you have been asking about visiting--  once we get a routine established at home, we will let you know and I know Rob would love to see everyone!   

Hopeful to update tomorrow from home..........the three of us!!!

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  1. Umm...way to make me tear up when I read what you said about your mom. I'm SO, SO, SO glad that Rob is coming home and things went so well! I will keep praying for you guys. tell Rob I bought him some get well cards. Unfortunately, they aren't as naughty as I was hoping they'd be. Perhaps I could go into the card writing business. See you all soon I hope!

    Susan Dooling