Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Day of Work for a while

Rob here.  It was my last day of work for a while, probably until early April. Three days off and then I check in at Barnes on the 18th for premedication. I had to finish strong at work so I went ahead and wrote my 5th traffic ticket since 2001.  (The light was red for a long time before she entered the intersection.)

Today, Carrie told Kaitlyn that I had to go see a doctor next week and that I wouldn't be home for about a week as I had to have some tests done on my heart.  This is the hardest part as Kaitlyn associates hospitals with "Grandma" and my mother just passed in August of 2010.  She was upset at first but then was told she will be able to see me after a few days and she seemed to lighten up a bit according to Carrie. It's great to have family.

I'm hoping to have a little family time this weekend prior to checking in.  I have a little "fear of the unknown" or unexperienced I guess. I am anxious for a successful outcome though.  Thanks for the added support, things should go well.

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  1. Robert - I hope you have some peaceful days before checking in. There are many many folks out here that care a lot about you and are wishing you well.