Friday, January 21, 2011

The day after...

Much better today!   Vent is out, so he is awake and talking!!!!!!  In pain, obviously, when coughs or hiccups, which he strangely has a lot of.   He is in a fib right now, and while he is disappointed, I keep reminding him that they said to expect that the first month.  He was hoping that he would wake up and immediately feel better-- thats Rob, not much patience!!!!  We both seem to be understanding more of exactly what they had to do and why.  The nurses in this ICU are amazing!!!!!!  The plan for today is to discontinue one of the pacing medications, get out of bed, removing the part if the central line that was into his heart (thats done) and continue to use the insta- spirometer (sp?), which we are doing 10 times every hour and he has already increased the ml wanted today!!  Hopefully the surgeon will be around soon because I have another page of questions for him!!! 

For all of you who are asking-- I am holding up okay!  Got a good night sleep last nite (thanks to some meds) and feeling okay today!  Coffee shops are back open so that helps!  I love that he is so alert so that we can talk about things and make decisions togeher (i.e., where Kaitlyn is going, etc). 

Overall, my main thought today is that  God is an amazing GOD---  He led us right where we needed to be to save Robs life, even though I had doubts and questions along the way.  I know that God is thinking, "Girl, when will you ever learn who is in charge here?"  Lesson learned!!!


  1. Great news Carrie. So glad to hear how well Rob is doing! What an incredible story. I am so glad you were both led to take this route and have the surgery - who know how critically it was needed.
    Prayers continue for his recovery.

  2. Have patience Wetz,,, you are right where you need to be and I am sure it will go quickly for you!!You have so many that care about you!!Know we are all thinking and sending prayers your way.God is good~let him lead~~

  3. Rob, God has been watching over you since you were born. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at the Kirkwood Ice Arena. We hope you feel better soon !!!!! Your friend forever, Larry F.

  4. Yes Carrie...We make plans and God laughs! Saw Kaitlyn this morning at drop off time. While she was weepy when her grandparents left you will be happy to know that Miss Lisa did a fantastic job of distracting her and her tears were dry before the grandparents even left the parking lot. Our prayers for Rob continue. Please let him know how well Kaitlyn is doing despite her temporary separation from Daddy. As always, Selma is happy to have Kaitlyn come over for play time whenever you need a break.