Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Froggies are Dead!

For over a year, K has had two frogs living in her room in a Frog-o-sphere (PETA people I know that you think they are cruel!).  They have become a part of our family (in her mind at least).  They have gone to show and share at her school, pictures have been drawn, of them and for them.  I have been amazed that these things have lived this long and was increasingly getting concerned about when they died.  I really didn't change the water like I should of, in fear that would bring about their demise. 

These frogs were named Frog 1 and Frog 2.  They started out about the same size, but Frog 1 always seemed to get the food before Frog 2 and grew bigger (for a dwarf frog, that is.).  Despite this Frog 2 lived on, until a couple of weeks ago.  Frog 2 was floating dead in the water.  In a moment of panic, I decided to tell K that Frog 1 ate 2.  In my panicked state that seemed better than Frog 2 died and Mommy flushed it.  It actually worked and we got through the death with relative ease. We got a replacement frog (TINY, dwarf frog) and they were renamed Big Frog and Little Frog.  For a week, they seemed to be living in Frog-o-sphere bliss, until tragedy struck the tank and I found both floating motionless, white in color, dead on the rocks.  Now, real panic set in.  Rob decided he could handle this and told her.   As expected the news was met with shock, disbelief, denial and ultimately sadness.  In true K fashion,  she made the decision that they should be flushed because if buried, she would "always be sad when she went in the backyard."  Down the toilet they went and then reality set in.

The next 24 hours were filled with the following crys

"why would God do this to me?"
"The only thing that will ever make me happy again, is if my froggies come back (not new ones) and if I can sleep in you bed."
"I will probably need to wake up during the night and cry some more."
"Where are my Froggies about now?"
"This is the worst thing that ever happened to me."
and the dreaded.....  "Does this mean Sammy will die on day?"

She spent about 20 minutes sitting on the tub staring at the toilet and crying that she changed her mind about the flushing and just wanted to keep the dead frog corpses in her room. 

I had to tell her teachers that "she might be sad and need to talk about her froggies."  Things got better and she seemed to have entered into the acceptance stage of the grief process.  Then last night she wanted to write a letter to her Frogs:

"I miss you Froggies.  Are you missing me?  Our Friendship will last forever.  Love Frogs!  K"  If this kid isn't an actress or a politician, it is a waste of her talents.

I know that Rob's mom is looking down on us and enjoying every moment of this- so loved K's dramatic side!!!  K is comforted in the fact that Grandma is taking care of them in heaven now.  Until, she freaked because we still have the frog food here and they will need it in heaven..................................................

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  1. ok I love K's drama and your writing style!!loll You may have found a new career~ Poor Frogs...