Saturday, April 23, 2011

The night before Easter...

Well, here we are.  The night before a major holiday and I am lying to the kid telling her that she has to go to bed b/c the E Bunny has already made his way to some peoples houses (How do you know, Mom???  Facebook, K).  Luckily the baskets were stuffed last night so tonight just involves hiding them and installing the new monkey bars on the swingset (not that she will be able to play out there anytime soon, unless she wears waders!).  Rob has to work midnights so he has his list of last minute things, like the Ceramic E Bunny holding the egg that needs candy and money in it because it was mine when I was a little girl and "Rob, it just has to be that way, don't ask anymore."  I am certain my mom never had to run out the night before and she had to pull this off for 4 kids!!  Usually it is these nights that I am in awe of all my parents did for us and I am feeling sorry for parents with more than one child. 

So I am exhausted, not so much physically as mentally.  This is a sampling of the topics we covered today:
-Where rain comes from and how it is not literally God's tears
-Bullies and how to deal with them
-Who our prom dates were and if we each told them about how we wanted a little girl and that they would not     be the person we married
-Who the Devil is
-Skin color
-Why we wear underwear
-Why her cousin Ellie has other relatives who are not related to us but Ellie can love all of us
-What to do if she wakes up during the night and hears someone hopping in our house
-Why we have to go to the dr and get shots
- What happens if someone sprays you with pepper spray
-Will I ever go to jail since I am married to a police man
- how my pager works
-Catholics and Lutherans..............

and this is only the list I remember.  And I loved every minute of this day spent with her and I am thanking God tonight of the miracle that is my family!!!

Happy Easter !!!!

And just when I thought she was asleep, yet another question......Is Wubzy a boy or girl ?


  1. "What to do if she wakes up during the night and hears someone hopping in our house" is my absolute favorite.

  2. Finally read this (catching up on belated blog reading tonight), and really, I would like to know the answers to some of those questions, too.

    Particularly: the underwear one, the hopping one, the jail one, and the pager one. Because I'm intrigued that anyone in 2011 carries a pager.