Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carrie's day!

 I know that this is a blog about Rob but I have to vent about the day I had and I have this blog thing, so…….
  People have said before that the daily Wetzel life could be a sitcom and today I believe it!!! 
Yesterday was a great day—snow day for Kaitlyn- lots of baking and crafts and overall fun.  When I was making dinner (well not REALLY making dinner-just heating up a delicious meal that was delivered), I smell something odd.  Sam (our dog) had gone #2 all over the kitchen floor and down the hall into the living room.  Not just formed #2, but explosive.  This continued all night long.  ALL.NIGHT.LONG. She would then want to go outside and would not come back in, so several times during the night, I had to get dressed and trek the yard for her.  She is going blind and hard of hearing so you can’t just yell for her or hope that she sees you at the back door…..Nope, have to go all the way up to her to get her attention.  Mind you, during these trips outside, she doesn’t have her “accidents” she only preferred to do those inside.  So you can imagine the sleep I got.
So this am I then have to defrost Rob’s car (not in a garage).  The automatic starter wouldn’t work, of course, so I had to go out the start the car.  Doors are frozen, so that takes some effort, but alas the doors open and defrosting begins.  20 minutes later I realize that this is doing nothing for the windshield and I will need the ice scraper which is in my car (also not in the garage—what do we keep in the garage you ask????  The golf cart!).  Out I go to my car----doors frozen.  I know the scraper is in the back but there was no getting that open, nor could I get the back door open- so in the driver’s side I go and climb through the car, losing my boot out the door along the way. I climb to the back seat.  The trunk is full of Kaitlyns old baby stuff (exersaucer, bouncy seats, etc) that Rob wants to get rid of but in an emotional not-ready-to-give-it-up phase I decide to just put it all in my trunk so it is out of the house until I am ready to get rid of it.  SO after some moving around I am able to pull out the scraper, climb back through the car, retrieve my boot (after having to put my foot in the snow to get it), walk to Robs car and notice THEN that I only have the stick part of the scraper- the actual scraper/brush part broke off the top!!!!  Oh yeah, I have to repeat the climbing through my car fiasco and retrieve the scraper part.  After rigging the scraper back up because it was actually broken off the top, I go about trying to de-ice the car.   (To add to the fun, the scraper came apart a couple of times while scraping.)   When I am almost done, Kaitlyn starts yelling to me------Yep; Sam had another “accident.”   Eventually I do make it to work and manage thru the day.
So tonight I take Sam to the vet, Sarah Hormuth (aka, one of the sweetest human beings ever).  She went to high school with Rob so she has known us for a long time.   I decide to get the embarrassment over at the start and tell her that she should probably report me to the Dept of Animals bad parent hotline because I know we are behind on shots, blood work, etc., etc.  She assures me that all parents with small children feel this way about their pets.  I tell her what is going on while she is snuggling on Sam telling me how good she looks (yes, Amy Zlatic, this is the same dog that you had to ask what breed she was because of her size- she is a Cocker Spaniel but lovingly nicknamed Sausage.)  So she checks her out and the diagnosis---Acute, Stress Related, Large Intestine Colitis (aka- an Irritable Bowel Episode from stress!).  So she needs Imodium and Flagyl (yep, same as human Flagyl).  SO me and my dog now have the same stomach issues and I find it amazing that she is stressed—she never has seemed very smart so I can’t believe she knows what is going on around her!   Now when I first got her, I would not have said that.  This is the dog that went with me to the nursing home I worked at, the dog that I searched every kennel for and cried at a few the first time I had to leave her, and the same dog that one of the first times she was sick, I famously stated “She has to be okay, she’s all I’ve got” in front of Rob (uncomfortable ride home!).  This is that dog that apparently is smart enough to know what is going on with the 3 senses she has left!  So hopefully once the meds kick in, we can both get a good night’s sleep!!!!

Now that I have vented about my day……Rob is doing good this week!  A little bit more tired, still in some pain, but overall good!  We are hoping to get out of the house, even just for a drive this weekend, so hoping for higher temps!  Thanks for all the ongoing support, prayers, meals, etc!!!!


  1. Did Rob ever tell you about when we were little we would ride big wheels around the basement staircase at our house on Sappington. Our dog Taffy had the same problem as Sam one day and we discovered it because you skid out pretty easily when you round a corner slick with #2. Bet Mom had fun cleaning that one up.

  2. Carrie,

    I'm sure that you didn't think this was funny, but it sure was great reading. Hope everything is improving. Wanda