Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 week post op report

I was just thinking how fun it will be when I can type 3 MONTHS post op!  Things are still going great!  Rob had a follow up appt with Cardiologist and he was pleased with Robs progress!!  We have gotten out of the house a few times now but no driving for another week.   Likely will begin cardiac rehab in the next two weeks, but continues to walk at least 30 minutes on the treadmill and has really noticed a difference in what he is able to do.

On the home front things are okay-- hectic as usual!  Kaitlyn is sick with a cold/cough so we are praying that Rob does not catch that!  Not very excited about  "making" her write out 22 Valentines today!        For all of those who asked, Sam is fine.  Meds seem to control her "symptoms" and she is back to all of her old ways- knocking the trash can over in search of food, drinking out of the toilet, etc! 

Hope everyone has a great Valentines day-- squeeze the one you love!!!  Rob is willing to put a picture of his scar on here if he gets enough requests!  Love to you all!!!!


  1. This all makes me very, very happy.

  2. Oh Yeah!!! Let's see the scar! He's got braggin' rights you know!

  3. Show us the scar!!!!