Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 month follow up

Well, another successful appointment!!!!  The dr is still very pleased with Robs progress.  He is still going to rehab 3 times a week and will be going back to work in a few weeks! 

Its so weird to have the "old" Rob back.  He still surprises me at times.  This weekend, we were at the lake and he offered to take kaitlyn to the dock to feed the ducks.  This involves a hill that I am usually needing to rest after and Rob has not attempted for quite some time.  At first I giggled at his suggestion and then remembered!!  Off they went, hand in hand to feed the ducks.  (I was having a full blown panic attack from worrying until they came back, but thats ok!).  When they got back, Rob was fine (I hate to admit but better than I am after THE hill.) 

So many people have commented on his weight loss and overall appearance.  It is still astounding to me.  I am fairly certain that we will soon wear the same size pants.  Today he thought the belt on the floor was mine--nope, just his new size!!!!

Again, we can not thank everyone enough.  You have all been so good to us!  Many of you have asked for an update on the rest of us.  Kaitlyn is great-- told us tonight that we make her heart happy.  We had a parent teacher conference and they suggested that we work on her numbers more.  In true Carrie fashion, I drove straight to buy number flash cards, workbooks and games.  SHE WILL KNOW HER NUMBERS BY THIS WEEKEND!!!  Just kidding!  She really enjoyed our time at the Lake.  We even went to Ha Ha Tonka State park (if you haven't been, you should go.  And rent our condo down there!).  We walked around castle ruins and she pretended to be the princess in the ballroom and picked out her bedroom.  We walked other trails and at times I had to remind myself that we really were all doing this together!  I'll even admit that I was the one who tired out first.  Sam, our lovely dog, is fine.  She spent the time we were at the lake at camp, a.k.a. the kennel.  Each time we picked her up she greeted us with a disgusting eye infection which brought us to the vet yet again! Luckily, Rob is the one in charge of her eye drops because I can only imagine if I had to.

I am doing fine.  We have had some added stressors lately but working through them.  Some of you know that my "aunt" Pat died on Saturday.  This was actually a pseudo-aunt who was my mom's dearest friend, my sisters Godmother and a great role model.  Saying goodbye to her today was hard but she was a woman who lived life to the fullest.  Yesterday the saying on my daily calendar was "If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun."  That was so fitting to remember her by.  We are so blessed because of all of the wonderful people who have come into our lives and added so much color and life to it!!!!!!!

AS you can see, this is turning into a Carrie rambling blog and maybe soon there will be no more need for updates and I will use this space for just that.  Stay tuned! 


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  1. Reading this makes my heart happy! Except for the Aunt Pat part...oh sweetie. Lots of love to you and your whole family.